2017 Adobe Creative Residency

Welcome to my Adobe Creative Residency application!

First off, thank you very much for taking the time to read over my application.
My name is Scott Biersack, I am a freelance Illustrator and Designer with a huge passion for typography. I recently graduated from the Type@Cooper program in NYC and moved back to my home in Phoenix, AZ.
Feel free to view my résumé and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Lettering Process

Describe Your Creative Residency Project with Two Sentences:

I will spend my Creative Residency designing multiple typefaces and building an online type foundry to distribute them. Additionally, yearning to host occasional lettering workshops to give back to the creative community.

What Is the Area of Focus for Your Project?

Typography / Graphic Design.

 Content I Will Create:

During my Creative Residency I will be designing three custom typefaces. Quality typefaces with multiple weights and widths to be utilized for personal as well as professional usage. Along with the typefaces, co-launching an online foundry to sell those typefaces with my colleague, Winston Scully. We each will be designing separate typefaces to sell via the foundry.
With each typeface release, I will design promotional materials to market each typeface; designing limited edition posters, stickers, type specimen booklets, social media content, blog posts (such as this), and beyond.
I am really interested in the idea of teaching others through in-person workshops. I specialize in lettering and would love to teach the occasional quarterly workshop to give back to my creative community. After returning to Arizona, I started a “type club” which is essentially a meet-up for like-minded type-lovers to hang out, talk type, receive critiques, ask questions and more. Our first meet-up had 15 people eager to learn and it will only grow with greater interest and attendance.

Exploring letterform structures as well as various weights to be later developed into a full-fledged typeface.

The beginning stages of vectoring previously drawn letterforms. Plotting points and moving bezier handles!

Once the characters are drawn, the constant refinement begins. Printing out character sets and spacing strings to fine tune every little detail.

Varying weights of the typeface are drawn simultaneously so they all work hand in hand. The end goal being a decent sized family with 5-8 weights.

 12 Month Project Timeline:

Quarter 1

The work begins! I have my head down, working hard on the first of many typefaces to come. I will create the overall idea for typeface #1. Currently, I am thinking it will be a display typeface for magazines and advertising. A light, medium, bold, and a heavy weight will be designed.
The foundry website will begin development. Creating content as well as imagery for the site.
Complete one lettering workshop.

Quarter 2

I will begin finalizing typeface #1 and prepare it for release. The design of the posters, stickers, and type specimen booklet (to advertise and show off typeface #1) will start. Furthermore, I shall concept a new idea for the next typeface to be sold via the online foundry. I am considering a text-weight family for personal promotional material as well as advertising, books, etc. – light, book, medium, bold, and possibly various weights in a condensed or extended width as well.
The website will be coming to a close and will prepare for launch. I will then begin writing a lengthy blog post about the entire process of typeface #1 to share with my following.
Complete one lettering workshop.

Quarter 3

Wrapping up typeface #2 and preparing it for release on the newly launched foundry website. I will begin designing promotional materials for typeface #2 including a custom type specimen booklet and posters. Like typeface #1, I will write a detailed blog post explaining each and every step of the design process of typeface #2 to be shared with my audience.
Production of typeface #3 will then commence and will ideally be a custom web-font for the foundry website. At this time, I am considering light, medium, bold, and heavy weights.
Complete one lettering workshop.

Quarter 4

Typeface #3 will come to a close and will be prepared for release on the foundry site. Designing promotional materials for typeface #3 – specimen booklet, poster.
With the Adobe Creative Residency coming to a close, I will create a process book that contains all of my accomplishments, failures, experiments, and more. This book will easily be two or three hundred pages to show off the entire year-long Creative Residency (here’s an example) of a book I completed about two years ago). I am not sure if people will want to purchase something like this, but it is mostly for myself to have the entire year documented in one place.
Complete one lettering workshop.

 Overall Goals:

– Break free of my comfort zone.
– Be more transparent about everything I create.
– Inspire others to keep creating and keep practicing!
– Grow my online community.
– Meet tons of new people!
– Become comfortable with public speaking.
– Explore new and unique things I have never attempted.
– Launch successful online type foundry website.
– Design 2-3 new font families.
– Distribute typefaces via Adobe Typekit.

 Project Budget:

$2,000 – Website

(Quoted from a friend that will develop the site. Already paid half to begin landing page design.)

$400-$700 – Posters

(Quoted from Mama’s Sauce for about 50 posters)

$100 – Stickers

(Quoted from Sticker Mule for about 100 stickers)

$600-$1000+ Type Specimen Booklets

(Quoted from Smartpress for around 50-75 booklets)

$3,100-$3,800: Grand Total (estimated)

How Does This Project Build Off of Your Previous Work?

Just a few months ago I completed the Type@Cooper program, a year-long type design program in NYC. I built out two typefaces with a new passion for creating more. Neither of these typefaces have been fully completed because of the amount of work necessary to finish them.
On top of my type design schooling, I took many workshops with the masters within the lettering world; Ken Barber, Jessica Hische, and John Downer to name a few. With the knowledge learned, I applied it to various freelance projects including two projects for Adobe, as well as many others.

What Are the Main Creative Tools You Plan to Use for Your Project?

With this project, I plan to use Robofont for the development of the typefaces and Adobe programs for the advertising portion of selling these typefaces. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign will be utilized to create promotional materials; social media images, printed posters, stickers, specimen book, etc., to showcase the typefaces.

How Do You Plan to Share Your Project with the Creative Community?

I already use my social networks for sharing current projects. With that said, I plan to continue this process by sharing steps and progress of my Creative Residency project across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble and Behance.
Also, typefaces take a great deal of time with lots of editing, therefore I plan to write extensive blog articles. These articles will detail the entire development from beginning concepts, to refinements, nit-picky details, and beyond. Viewers will be able to see the entire process of the typeface from beginning to end.
Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, I plan to put together a year-long process book of my entire residency. If people are interested in purchasing something like this, I think this will be an excellent way to share my journey.

What Do You Want the Community to Learn from Your Project?

Type design and lettering are fields that everyone seems to have a varying degree of interest in. I am hoping to instill motivation to show others that even though it is a large amount of work, it is possible for anyone to tackle. I want to share the knowledge I have gathered over the years and be able to help those in need who are looking to learn. I also want to be able to showcase the failures I encounter because like many are aware, the work is never a simple “point A to point B” mentality.
Everybody loves seeing the “behind-the-scenes” of a project. With my detailed blog posts, I hope to shed light on every little thought and detail that crossed my mind when designing a typeface or piece of lettering. I am focused to teach others and inspire my community to keep creating.

Selected Projects

The quality of work I will create during my Creative Residency

Thank you!

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