Outlaw Corn Liquor

Outlaw Corn Liquor
Outlaw Laser Etched Crest
Outlaw - Full View
Outlaw Corn Liquor - Detail
Outlaw Corn Liquor - Full Composition
Outlaw Corn Liquor - Coaster
Outlaw - Cork Top
Outlaw Corn Liquor - Label Detail
Outlaw Corn Liquor - Label Detail

Outlaw Corn Liquor

Prayers Answered with a Bullet

Client: Personal Project

Categories: Illustration, Packaging, Personal,

Photography: Brian Dunham

Outlaw Corn Liquor was designed and developed with one focus in mind, the building of the transcontinental railroad. Based in a moving town called, Hell on Wheels, workers and slaves labor away day and night to create the Union Pacific Railroad. Heading the enormous task was, Thomas Durant with his walking boss, Cullen Bohannon. After a hard days work on the railroad, these men relax with some handcrafted purity in a bottle, Outlaw Corn Liquor.

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