The Whitt

The Whitt Logo Variation 1
The Whitt Logo Variation 2
The Whitt Logo Variation 3
The Whitt Logo Variation 4
The Whitt Horseshoe
The Whitt Horseshoe 2
The Whitt Keychain Exploration
The Whitt Horseshoe Mark Exploration

The Whitt

A cozy 1926 home refurbished into an Airbnb

Client: The Whitt

Art Direction: Aaron Kimberlin

Link: Request to Book!

Categories: Branding, Identity

The Whitt is a small scale residential development promoting community and great design in the Longview West Neighborhood in Phoenix, Arizona. The property was built in 1926 and is now being revitalized into a cozy and quaint Airbnb location. With that, the owner wanted to brand this property to give it new life and personality.

Above you can see the entire process from the beginning to the end of the project. Mockups of keychains were created as a possibility to add to the keyring when it’s handed over to the next Airbnb guest.

Utilizing the horseshoes embedded within the original cement steps was vital for the brand image. Additionally, maintaining the history and time period of the property within the logotype was essential.

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